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Uses of Configuration in org.w3c.tidy

Fields in org.w3c.tidy declared as Configuration
protected  Configuration Lexer.configuration

Methods in org.w3c.tidy that return Configuration
 Configuration Tidy.getConfiguration()
          Returns the actual configuration

Methods in org.w3c.tidy with parameters of type Configuration
 java.lang.String ParseProperty.getFriendlyName(java.lang.String option, java.lang.Object value, Configuration configuration)
          Returns the "friendly name" for the passed value.
static Out OutFactory.getOut(Configuration config, stream)
          Returns the appropriate Out implementation.
static Out OutFactory.getOut(Configuration config, writer)
          Returns the appropriate Out implementation.
static StreamIn StreamInFactory.getStreamIn(Configuration config, stream)
          Returns the appropriate StreamIn implementation.
static StreamIn StreamInFactory.getStreamIn(Configuration config, reader)
          Returns the appropriate StreamIn implementation.
 java.lang.Object ParseProperty.parse(java.lang.String value, java.lang.String option, Configuration configuration)
          Parse a configuration option.
 void TagTable.setConfiguration(Configuration configuration)
          Setter for the current configuration instance.

Constructors in org.w3c.tidy with parameters of type Configuration
Lexer(StreamIn in, Configuration configuration, Report report)
          Instantiates a new Lexer.
OutJavaImpl(Configuration configuration, java.lang.String encoding, out)
OutJavaImpl(Configuration configuration, out)
PPrint(Configuration configuration)
          Instantiates a new PPrint.

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