Package org.w3c.tidy

Interface Summary
AttrCheck Check attribute values.
Out Tidy Output interface.
ParseProperty Interface for configuration property parser.
Parser HTML Parser.
StreamIn Input Stream.
TagCheck Check HTML attributes.
TidyMessageListener Listener interface for validation errors/warnings and info.

Class Summary
Anchor Anchor/node Linked list.
AttrCheckImpl Check attribute values implementations.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckAlign AttrCheck implementation for checking the "align" attribute.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckBool AttrCheck implementation for checking boolean attributes.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckClear AttrCheck implementation for checking the "clear" attribute.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckColor AttrCheck implementation for checking colors.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckFsubmit AttrCheck implementation for checking the "submit" attribute.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckId AttrCheck implementation for checking ids.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckLang AttrCheck implementation for checking lang and xml:lang.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckLength AttrCheck implementation for checking the "length" attribute.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckName AttrCheck implementation for checking the "name" attribute.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckNumber AttrCheck implementation for checking numbers.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckScope AttrCheck implementation for checking Scope.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckScript AttrCheck implementation for checking scripts.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckScroll AttrCheck implementation for checking scroll.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckShape AttrCheck implementation for checking the "shape" attribute.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckTarget AttrCheck implementation for checking the "target" attribute.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckTextDir AttrCheck implementation for checking dir.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckUrl AttrCheck implementation for checking URLs.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckValign AttrCheck implementation for checking the "valign" attribute.
AttrCheckImpl.CheckVType AttrCheck implementation for checking valuetype.
Attribute HTML attribute.
AttributeTable HTML attribute hash table.
AttVal Attribute/Value linked list node.
Clean Clean up misuse of presentation markup.
Configuration Read configuration file and manage configuration properties.
Dict Tag dictionary node.
DOMAttrImpl Tidy implementation of org.w3c.dom.DOMAttrImpl.
DOMAttrMapImpl Tidy implementation of org.w3c.dom.NamedNodeMap.
DOMCDATASectionImpl Tidy implementation of org.w3c.dom.CDATASection.
DOMCharacterDataImpl Tidy implementation of org.w3c.dom.CharacterData.
DOMCommentImpl Tidy implementation of org.w3c.dom.Comment.
DOMDocumentImpl DOMDocumentImpl.
DOMDocumentTypeImpl DOMDocumentTypeImpl.
DOMElementImpl DOMElementImpl.
DOMNodeImpl DOMNodeImpl.
DOMNodeListByTagNameImpl DOMNodeListByTagNameImpl.
DOMNodeListImpl DOMNodeListImpl.
DOMProcessingInstructionImpl DOMProcessingInstructionImpl.
DOMTextImpl DOMTextImpl.
EncodingNameMapper Maps between Java and IANA character encoding names.
Entity HTML ISO entity.
EntityTable Entity hash table.
IStack Inline stack node.
Lexer Lexer for html parser.
Node Used for elements and text nodes element name is null for text nodes start and end are offsets into lexbuf which contains the textual content of all elements in the parse tree.
OutFactory Tidy Output factory.
OutJavaImpl Output implementation using java writers.
ParsePropertyImpl Property parser instances.
ParserImpl HTML Parser implementation.
ParserImpl.ParseBlock Parser for block elements.
ParserImpl.ParseBody Parser for BODY.
ParserImpl.ParseColGroup Parser for COLGROUP.
ParserImpl.ParseDefList Parser for DEFLIST.
ParserImpl.ParseEmpty Parser for empty elements.
ParserImpl.ParseFrameSet Parser for FRAMESET.
ParserImpl.ParseHead Parser for HEAD.
ParserImpl.ParseHTML Parser for HTML.
ParserImpl.ParseInline Parser for INLINE.
ParserImpl.ParseList Parser for LIST.
ParserImpl.ParseNoFrames Parser for NOFRAMES.
ParserImpl.ParseOptGroup Parser for OPTGROUP.
ParserImpl.ParsePre Parser for PRE.
ParserImpl.ParseRow Parser for ROW.
ParserImpl.ParseRowGroup Parser for ROWGROUP.
ParserImpl.ParseScript Parser for SCRIPT.
ParserImpl.ParseSelect Parser for SELECT.
ParserImpl.ParseTableTag Parser for TABLE.
ParserImpl.ParseText Parser for text nodes.
ParserImpl.ParseTitle Parser for TITLE.
PPrint Pretty print parse tree.
Report Error/informational message reporter.
StreamInFactory Tidy Input factory.
StreamInJavaImpl StreamIn Implementation using java writers.
Style Linked list of class names and styles.
StyleProp Linked list of style properties.
TagCheckImpl Check HTML attributes implementation.
TagCheckImpl.CheckAnchor Checker implementation for anchors.
TagCheckImpl.CheckAREA Checker implementation for area.
TagCheckImpl.CheckCaption Checker implementation for table caption.
TagCheckImpl.CheckForm Checker implementation for forms.
TagCheckImpl.CheckHR Checker implementation for hr.
TagCheckImpl.CheckHTML Checker implementation for html tag.
TagCheckImpl.CheckIMG Checker implementation for image tags.
TagCheckImpl.CheckLINK add missing type attribute when appropriate.
TagCheckImpl.CheckMap Checker implementation for image maps.
TagCheckImpl.CheckMeta Checker implementation for meta tags.
TagCheckImpl.CheckSCRIPT Checker implementation for script tags.
TagCheckImpl.CheckSTYLE Checker implementation for style tags.
TagCheckImpl.CheckTABLE Checker implementation for table.
TagCheckImpl.CheckTableCell Checker implementation for table cells.
TagTable Tag dictionary node hash table.
Tidy HTML parser and pretty printer.
TidyBeanInfo BeanInfo for Tidy.
TidyMessage Message sent to listeners for validation errors/warnings and info.
TidyMessage.Level Message severity enumeration.
TidyUtils Utility class with handy methods, mainly for String handling or for reproducing c behaviours.

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